The main aim of BESTWay in the training sector is to provide adequate resources to transmit its clients the skills and knowledge they require to safely carry out CNG/LNG loading operations in service stations and to ensure the correct use of installations during refuelling.

Training Portal

Join our education program and develop your self-management and safety skills with us

Training website for users

BESTWay offers its clients a totally free online course on the procedures and safety measures to take when refilling with CNG/LNG at any service station.

At the end of the course clients receive a certificate showing that they have received the mandatory training for refuelling with CNG/LNG.

Load manuals

Download the free CNG and LNG load manuals.

CNG Filling Manual

Instruction manual for refuelling with Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) at service stations

LNG Filling Manual

Guide to refuelling with
Liquid Natural Gas


See our videos to find out more about VNG.