Start-up of the CNG / LNG station of Guarromán

Start up the CNG / LNG Station of Seseña
25 agosto, 2017
The online magazine “Cadena de Suministro” publishes our project.
24 ottobre, 2017

Gas Natural Fenosa starup the service station LNG and GNC Guarromán, located in the Autovía de Andalucía, 520, Guarromán, Jaén.

The Guarromán service station is part of the European BESTWay project (Boosting Energy Sustainable fuels for freight Transport in European motorWays) as a new CNG / LNG refueling solution for road transport along the Atlantic Corridor.

To date, five gas stations have already been started up. The new Spanish stations of Fontioso, Seseña and Guarromán are added to the French ones of Castets and Poitiers operative since 2016.