Start up the CNG / LNG Station of Seseña

Start-up of the CNG / LNG station of Fontioso
25 agosto, 2017
Start-up of the CNG / LNG station of Guarromán
20 ottobre, 2017

In Toledo, on July 26, 2017, Repsol and Gas Natural Fenosa set up the Seseña service station, located on the Carretera de Andalucía, Km 36.5, 45311 Seseña.

The Seseña service station will be open to the public from Monday to Sunday 24 hours and has CNG and LNG dispensers.

The seseña station is one of the 9 CNG / LNG refueling stations developed by the BESTWay project along the Atlantic corridor and will contribute to the large-scale deployment of natural gas as an alternative fuel for road transport.