Gas Natural Fenosa opens the Castets service station in France to the public.

Commencement of building work on the Fontioso CNG/LNG station
9 maggio, 2014
Gas Natural Fenosa opens its second public natural gas supply station for for vehicles in Poitiers, France
1 dicembre, 2016

Gas Natural Fenosa has opened the first public service station to supply natural gas for vehicles (NGV) in Castets, in France, which offers both liquid natural gas (LNG) and compressed natural gas (CNG)..

The station is located in Rue des Mousquetaires, near Bayonne, less than 100 kilometres from the Spanish frontier, and supplies gas driven goods transport lorries and other vehicles that run on the Atlantic corridor.

The station was initially commissioned in September 2014 to refuel the LNG and CNG lorries of the company “Transporte P. Mendy”, but is now used by the general public.

The station has two LNG pumps, one dual CNG pump and an 80m3 tank than can supply any gas driven vehicle. lorries, coaches, tractors, light commercial and utility vehicles.

Gas Natural Fenosa press communication link. Thursday, 29 June 2016