BESTway: a LNG corridor between Paris and Algesiras

Start up the CNG / LNG Station of Bordeaux
10 gennaio, 2018
Gas Natural Fenosa promotes the transport of goods by road with sustainable fuels with the BESTWay project
1 maggio, 2018

Nine liquid natural gas stations are to be built along an axis between Paris and Algeciras, in the extreme south of Spain. Baptized “BESTWay”, the project is supported by Gas Natural Fenosa, which has provided new details on its implementation.

It is one of these corridors whose realization intimately conditions the success of an alternative energy. Over nearly 2,000 kilometers along the French Atlantic coast and across the Iberian Peninsula, nine liquid natural gas (LNG) distribution stations are scheduled to open by July.

BESTWay is co-financed by Connecting Europe Facility and Gas Natural Fenosa. The project aims to identify and implement LNG refueling solutions, as well as CNG along the corridor. It also ensures interoperability and standardization to be able to connect effectively to other European corridors.


Stations capable of recovering evaporation gases


The nine stations will be equipped with new technologies in Europe such as the recovery of evaporation gases emanating from the truck tanks and reservoirs of the station. Produced by the storage of LNG, these releases will be transformed into CNG. Instruments will also probe the quantity and quality of liquefied gas in the tanks. Finally, specific trainings for drivers must improve the safety of the replenishment procedures of the stations.

BESTWay will be added to another similar project under development called “ECO-GATE”. It plans to build 20 additional stations along the motorways of the Mediterranean – Atlantic axis, from Germany to Portugal via France and Spain.